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How To Use the Meditations
Notes from Carol Tingle

The four guided meditations are not intended to be used one immediately after the other. As you begin, I suggest that you use Exploration 1: Centering for a period of time before moving on to the next exploration. Then, in order, spend a period of time with Exploration 2, then 3 and then 4. The third CD consists of shortened versions of the four guided meditations. You will find your own way to use the four basic meditations as you become familiar will the tools of the inner work, and as you experience the effectiveness of the process which is simple, yet deeply profound. Once you are familiar with the process, it is more important for you to use intuition as your guide to decide which exercise (long or short version) is appropriate for use at a particular time. These exercises are actually steps of the creative process and can be utilized for your own unique needs for years to come.

If you are tempted to drift off – seemingly to sleep – allow yourself to do so, especially as you are becoming accustomed to the energy of the CD and are becoming familiar with your own inner spaces. The goal is not necessarily to struggle to stay awake, but instead, to allow the inner unconscious to be activated. Change most often occurs in the inner realms and it manifests later in the outer awareness.

CD 1
Exploration 1: Centering with the focus of heart centered meditation, guides the listener into a
stillness and inner expansiveness.

Exploration 2: Embracing the Fear calls to the voice of wisdom deep within which knows the
true reason or cause of any conflict or difficulty. The root of the fear or disturbance is never what
we think it is.

CD 2
Exploration 3: Transforming the Fear takes the uncovered/discovered fear through deeper and
deeper levels of consciousness within the heart center which assists in diminishing its control.

Exploration 4: Opening to the Inspiration of Performance guides the listener into the expansiveness
and vastness of the heart center and calls for a connection to the dream within which inspired the choice
to embark upon the creative venture.

CD 3
Exploration 1: Shortened version
Exploration 2: Shortened version
Exploration 3: Shortened version
Exploration 4: Shortened version

Do not listen to while driving!