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“Centering” is a mystical journey into one’s core, with effective results for the performer and anyone seeking wholeness.
In addition to her peaceful voice and skillful facilitation, Carol’s presence comes through this recording, inspiring us to
attain excellence with ease."
Carolyn Conger, PhD; Teacher & Creative Consultant

"Through Centering For The Performer, Carol has captured the essence of the journey of both the personal and the
collective levels of transformation. As she guides you through the vastness of your inner landscape, you naturally emerge
into the flow of the one who performs. I have observed her assist individuals through these remarkable depths for over 20
years and I am excited to see this journey captured in CD form. Anyone who desires to experience this inner pathway of
personal creative awakening will greatly benefit from entering this journey with Carol! "
Conrad Satala, MS, author of Awaken Your Creative Potential

"Carol and I have traveled the spiritual creative path together for over 20 years. The depth of her spirituality and her
extraordinary musicianship inspire me, and this CD series has helped me through a time of profound change in my
own life. Carol’s spiritual presence shines through her voice as she guides all of us into our spiritual center for renewal,
understanding, healing, and musical performance. I am honored that The Beloved is part of Centering For The Performer.
Beverly Rieger, Composer

"Carol Tingle is a truly gifted teacher. Applying music as a healing tool, she has touched thousands of lives. This creation
of sound and color is not only inspiring, but truly unique. I would encourage anyone on a spiritual and creative path to
embrace this work. Go to it time and time again for reinforcement and nurturing of the soul, heart, mind and spirit.
Truly inspiring. "
Olivia Crawford, Spiritual Guidance Counselor

"Carol is an inspirational teacher who has guided me for over 12 years. Her insight, wisdom and knowledge of the intricacies
of the heart and mind in the creative process has helped me in my own work as an artist as well as in areas of personal growth.
I can't imagine being an artist without Carol in my life. Her work in Centering for the Performer is a must for anyone who seeks
an emotionally, spiritually and creatively rich experience."
-Kate Johnson, media artist and filmmaker