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I really didn’t plan it -- Conrad Satala mentioned fifteen years ago that I should create a series of meditations
that would help people understand what I do. Not knowing why, the idea stayed with me for years with no idea
where it would lead.

In 1997 I decided to teach a Wednesday evening class which I called “Centering – Perceptual Shifting Through
the Heart Center.”  It met once a week for a year, and each evening “centering” was explored through meditation
which I would guide. It took all that year for the structure of the process of “Centering For The Performer”  to come
into focus.  With emphasis on “perceptual shifting” we experienced moving into different states of awareness/
consciousness where we felt differently, changes occurred and solutions evolved.  When group members practiced
focusing at the heart level during their daily lives, they noticed changes happening.  Stories from members came
back to class describing the atmosphere of the office changing when they centered; on a movie set, chaos came
into a creative order when the actor centered.

The group numbered 8-10 each week and consisted of individuals with varied backgrounds and interests: acting,
dancing, filmmaking, writing, singing, the indigenous.  Each was concerned with problems in their lives - and we
worked with these issues by moving into internal spaces.

Members continually asked for a copy of these meditations, and we were unsuccessful time after time to adequately
capture them on tape.  On the final two  meetings  that we came together, a friend of one of the members brought a 4
track Maratz recorder which finally recorded the meditations I had been leading. As I recall - I was unsure about the
structure until those final nights - and the heaven’s opened and they all became very clear.  In a simple format - it
crystalized what I had worked with all year long.

1 .           Centering
2 .           Embracing The Fear
3 .           Transforming The Fear
4 .           Opening To The Inspiration of Performance

The “friend” mixed the recordings and gave them to me and from those original masters I made copies for each person
in the group.   It took years to transcribe those original tapes.  I remember taking them on trips with me.  I would transcribe
them in long hand as I sat in airports going one place or another.

A young singer/songwriter/recording engineer, Michael Chandler, came into my studio one day, a referral from another
recording engineer. As Michael was working on the recording of his own first CD - I mentioned my own tapes.  Not
knowing what they really were, he kept encouraging me to record them professionally. A professional recording engineer
who engineers sound for film, as well as radio and television commercials (which I didn’t know at the time), he was the
perfect person to record the project.  We actually recorded the first tapes in his little guest house in Van Nuys, California,
on an A-Dat machine sometimes having to wait for the dog next door to stop barking.

We recorded all four explorations in one evening, and by the time we recorded the 4th tape, Michael had a clearer
picture of what I was doing.  “Opening To The Inspiration Of Performance” was his first connection to my work.  He
has continued to study voice with me all these years, and has now completed his own third CD! He has also mixed
the CD’s which are finally being distributed.

For the final recordings, Michael arranged for me to work in a professional recording studio and to work with his friend,
Andy Simon  who recorded and edited the present CD’s.  This was something I had never dreamed could be possible! 
For the last ten years  I have taught several groups and guided many individuals using the concepts of the CD’s as the
underlying foundation.  My work has focused on aspects of the creative process and heart centered meditation.

Incredibly important to me is that all of the work on the completed project has been ingeniously created by my dearest
friends and truly gifted artists who are such an important part of my life and who know me well.  As I mentioned, Michael
and Andy for all parts of the recording process.  Eric Black, a brilliant graphic artist,  who worked so closely with me for the finished design of the CD’s.  Kate Johnson, a wonderful artist and filmaker, who designed the website.  Anne Slater and
Laura Scott who so patiently edited text countless times.

I am indebted to this group and many who have touched in at times important to themselves – for they have helped me
stay focused, helped me understand the beauty of the structure of Centering For The Performer which came to me ten
years ago – and have challenged me to continue reaching inside myself to maintain my own connection with my life’s
purpose.  (Thank you --  Anne, Andy, Michael, Eric, Kate, Steven, and Laura ) I am also enormously thankful for the music
of The Beloved, composed by my dear friend, Beverly Rieger, which is an integral part of each exploration. 

Most of important of all is that Centering For The PerformerOpening To the Voice Within, was created for me!  I
continually use the explorations to remind me of my own center and to help me go through intense and challenging
situations more easily.  I say with greatest humility that it is an added joy that they might be helpful and useful for others.