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Carol Tingle

CarolFor forty years Carol Tingle has been a professional classical singer, a voice teacher of
all styles of music, a choral director, music educator and spiritual seeker. After teaching
over twenty-five years in secondary schools in San Luis Obispo and Santa Clara, California, in 1990 she moved to Santa Monica, California, where she established her private voice studio. Her teaching integrates a strong foundation in vocal technique and concepts of creativity, centering and spiritual growth for a more fully realized performer/performance.

With a State of California Lifetime Teaching Credential and her degrees in voice and music education, she has had vast experience working with professional and non-professional singers of all ages, levels and styles. She is widely regarded for her
expert emphasis on vocal technique and safe, healthy vocal production as it relates to
the style in which a singer sings. She has spent her entire adult life as a spiritual seeker
on a quest for understanding the rich and abundant inner realms, as well as the nature of creativity and meditation. She has taught and facilitated many groups where she has assisted, supported and motivated countless others as they have moved forward in their individual creative journey. Her primary teachers throughout the years have been Conrad Satala, MS and Carolyn Conger, PhD. who have contributed invaluably toward her commitment to and pursuit of her dream of
fulfilling her life’s purpose.


Beverly Rieger

Beverly’s music reflects her education and performance from an early age in classical piano and in pipe organ. She blends her love of music, her own spiritual awareness, and her love of nature and the Mayan lands into original music. Beverly is a performer, composer and recording artist. She uses keyboard, percussion, ethnic flute, and the opportunities presented by computer generated sound and sampled nature sound to create and perform the sacred music of The Beloved, The Journey of Joy, Mayan Dream/Dancers of the Flame, Heart of Sky/Heart of Earth, and future music.

The Beloved, by Beverly Rieger
Since the first impulse of the inspiration of this project almost 10 years ago, the music of The Beloved by my dear friend and gifted composer, Beverly Rieger, has been my choice for all four explorations. The heart centered energy of The Beloved has been the underlying foundation for the entire project, and I feel honored to be allowed to use it for the first Centering For Performance Series™. I highly recommend that listeners go to www.MayanDream.com for other wonderful music created by this extraordinary composer.









CD 1
Exploration 1: Centering with the focus of heart centered meditation, guides the listener into a
stillness and inner expansiveness.

Exploration 2: Embracing the Fear calls to the voice of wisdom deep within which knows the
true reason or cause of any conflict or difficulty. The root of the fear or disturbance is never what
we think it is.

CD 2
Exploration 3: Transforming the Fear takes the uncovered/discovered fear through deeper and
deeper levels of consciousness within the heart center which assists in diminishing its control.

Exploration 4: Opening to the Inspiration of Performance guides the listener into the expansiveness
and vastness of the heart center and calls for a connection to the dream within which inspired the choice
to embark upon the creative venture.

CD 3
Exploration 1: Shortened version
Exploration 2: Shortened version
Exploration 3: Shortened version
Exploration 4: Shortened version

Do not listen to while driving!