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“Finding our own center is perhaps the most important journey of our lifetime – and is perhaps a lifetime’s journey in itself.
Whether we are performing – or whether we are simply living our lives – finding the time, or finding the way to come to our
own center allows us the ability and the opportunity to access internal resources we have longed for all of our lives –
resources that we have been taught by the wisest of our teachers are available to us all. Only when we are quiet can we
experience an inner stillness, particularly when we are centered in the heart. Only then can we begin to feel supported by
those resources that are finally available to us all.”
– Carol Tingle, Exploration 1: Centering


These very words came to me from my “creative voice within” in 1997 – and when I read them today, they have no
less impact than the day I recorded and transcribed them for the very first time. For me the paragraph says everything;
it describes how we can open to the most creative possibilities in our life.

Creativity is, of course, not limited to performance, music, dance, writing, painting, etc.; it is also used in conjunction
with mathematics, science, business, and, I believe, in all facets of our lives. Thus, one does not need to be a performer
or an artist to benefit from the process outlined in the four guided explorations.

Today, centering and meditation are common practices used by many people worldwide for countless reasons. While
listening to a short NPR segment some time ago, I was interested to learn that when a meditating Buddhist monk’s
brain waves were electronically monitored, his level of creativity was found to be greatest when his brain waves were
the most quiet.

My own spiritual journey of the past 25 years has taught me that my “creative inner voice” is available to me when I create
the space and time to listen. During the many years that I have explored the process of deepening of the heart center, I
have experienced inner resources and awareness beyond my wildest imagination. I have felt deeply connected to the
divine creative flow and find that my life continually opens in ways I could never dream. I perform, teach, think, choose and
live differently than I would have without embarking on this journey. Healing, forgiveness, resolution, transformation are but
a few of the profound inner changes that have been possible with commitment to consistent inner work. When I am “off course,”
I feel and experience things completely differently and this becomes my feedback to find my center once again. My own inner
process forms the basis for Centering For The Performer: Opening To The Creative Voice Within that has become the
structure of the four enclosed guided exploration.